Hilltribe Trek

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Thailand’s far north west is a region of rugged limestone landscapes, remote upland villages and fascinating ethnic diversity. Join TUI to explore the essence of this unique area. We visit villages of the Karen, Lisu, Lahu and Akha people, overnighting in simple village houses where communities practise their traditional shifting agriculture in the valleys and slopes of some of Thailand’s most beautiful terrain.

Our travels may take us by foot, open-aired vehicle, and even elephant back – a never to be forgotten travel experience. The north west’s attractions lie not only in its distinct and welcoming people. See the remarkable skills of the working elephants at the Taeng Dao Elephant Training Centre; ride a bamboo raft along the Ping River, and watch the mists rising off the charming hill town of Mae Hong Son.

And for those travellers who are journeying into neighbouring Laos with TUI, there is the excitement and exhilaration of a long-tailed boat ride into the town of Chiang Rai.

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