Mekhala River Barge

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An overnight cruise on the famous Mekhala River Barge is one of Thailand’s most wonderful boutique experiences. The ‘Mekhala’ is a purpose-built boat, designed in rice-barge style, with luxury fittings, a relaxing front deck area, and private air-conditioned cabins. Each cabin has its own private bathroom, with a shower and toilet. The Mekhala cruises the mighty Chao Phraya River between Ayuthaya and Bangkok on an overnight journey, travelling at a leisurely speed. Because of its shallow draft the boat is able to to drift close to the river bank, allowing us to get a ‘real glimpse’ of Thai river life.

One of the highlights of our cruise is a scrumptious Thai feast served on deck, under the stars – a truly unique experience. Our boat moors overnight at Wat Kai Tia, home to a number of Buddhist monks. An early morning rise allows us to see dawn offerings at the monastery, and gives us the chance to interact with the resident monks.

Travel time on the Mekhala is approximately four to five hours on each of the two days. Time flies on this wonderful boat and you will disembark wishing your cruise lasted a little longer ..

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